Leostream Offers Setup Flexibility with Remote Desktop Access Platform

Leostream, a remote desktop access platform provider, announced the latest version of its platform, which gives enterprises more features to set up, configure, provision and manage virtual desktops.

The Leostream 2023.2 offers multiple enhancements for provisioning VMs in the cloud or in on-premises virtualization platforms. Administrators can schedule multiple actions to perform on newly provisioned VMs such as taking snapshots, joining a machine to a domain, or powering down the VM.

This feature makes it easy to delay a snapshot and run initialization scripts on provisioned VMs, to ensure the snapshot is of the correct final state. It also supports shutting down provisioned machines in cloud environments to avoid incurring unnecessary computing costs.

AWS users can provision VMs using launch templates. This provides flexibility to the existing Leostream feature to provision VMs using AMIs, to allow organizations to customize their newly provisioned VMs to meet their needs.

VergeIO users also gain additional options for customizing newly provisioned VMs, including entering a payload specification when provisioning from recipes.

Leostream 2023.2 offers the ability to send alerts as Webhooks, for example to Slack, to simplify administration. IT can receive notifications when events occur, such as a user not being offered their primary desktop, to enable faster response.
Leostream’s web client has been modernized with a new layout and features such as dark mode, which helps prolong battery life in addition to assisting users who are visually impaired or light sensitive. Administrators can also choose to view the Connection Broker web interface in Dark Mode.

Under the hood, Leostream’s Connection Broker now runs on Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) to enable more secure environments and has full UTF-8 support for global character sets.

Leostream resellers can access an overview of 2023.2 and learn about features directly from Leostream experts at the partner portal.