XM Cyber Adds Capabilities to Prioritize Potential High-Impact Cloud Exposure

XM Cyber, a company that focuses on continuous exposure management, announced new capabilities to help organizations prioritize and fix critical exposures within multi-cloud environments. The releases serve to identify over-privileges, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that expose cloud resources to attackers, in addition to highlighting high-impact exposures that should be first remediated, while providing necessary information to address them.

This innovation empowers cloud security teams to build an actionable remediation plan to prevent high-impact attacks, increase efficiency and enable accurate reporting on true risks across multi-cloud infrastructures. Furthermore, XM Cyber analyzes attack paths that span on-premise and cloud environments, ensuring comprehensive protection against threats that traverse hybrid enterprise environments.

“As we analyze breaches and attack kill chains, we find exposures like misconfigurations and weak identities in multi-cloud that compromise critical assets on-prem and in the cloud,” said VP of security research, XM Cyber, Zur Ulianitzky. “Attackers will leverage your multi-cloud environment to identify an exposed public-facing asset or to elevate permissions to gain privileged access. Cloud environments are complex, and contain a high number of exposures. Therefore, Security teams must be able to easily find the most critical attack paths and proactively address advanced attack techniques in cloud environments. In addition, they need to have a capability to stop attacks that move across cloud and on-prem environments.”

To assist cloud security teams in mitigating high-impact exposures and thwarting sophisticated attacks, XM Cyber instantly highlights:

  • Top Choke Points, critical weaknesses in one’s cloud defense where multiple attack paths converge on a single exposed entity.
  • Highly Privileged Access, including accounts and roles considered “game-over” entities.
  • Complete details around potential breach points, attack techniques, permissions usage and remediation alternatives to help customers address exposures and block most-critical attack paths.

XM Cyber analyzes attack paths, end-to-end, bridging on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Attackers operate without constraints in hybrid environments, while XM Cyber ensures that defenders remain fortified against emerging threats from the outside in.

By proactively identifying and neutralizing threats, organizations can preemptively safeguard their assets against cyber adversaries.