N-able Intros Cloud Commander MS Cloud Solution for the Hybrid Landscape

Global software company N‑able – which helps ITSPs deliver remote monitoring and management, data protection as a service and security solutions – unveiled its new Cloud Commander. This release offers a multi-tenant, Microsoft Cloud solution to help MSPs manage, secure, standardize and automate Microsoft 365 users, Azure resources and Intune devices from a single console. N-able also has plans to add Windows 365 management capabilities.

In today’s hybrid workplace climate, N-able noted, businesses need to scale their cloud operations to meet emerging business needs such as market expansion and productivity improvement. As the Microsoft cloud continues to grow as a critical element, Cloud Commander is designed to streamline its management for MSPs, supporting:

  • Improved efficiency across multiple Microsoft 365, Intune and Azure resource tenants from a single pane.
  • Streamlined service desk operations by optimizing onboarding/offboarding of users and tasks.
  • Monitoring for Microsoft Secure Score reporting across all clients, drilling down on individual tenants for security scores to create a plan of action to reduce risk profiles, monitor risky users across tenants and remediate issues.
  • Bolstered Microsoft cloud efficiency, streamlining operations for SME customers and unlocking potential growth opportunities.

The release specifically provides value for IT technical staff, IT business managers and SMEs.

“We’re continuing to strengthen our relationship with Microsoft, helping pave the way for businesses to confidently leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud with efficiency and at scale. With Cloud Commander, MSPs can now manage, secure, standardize and automate Microsoft 365, Azure, Intune and up next, Windows 365, all from a single view. Multi-step tasks such as client onboarding and helpdesk tickets can now be fully automated, providing consistency, efficiency, and saving technician time,” said Mike Adler, chief technology and product officer, N‑able. “Cloud management continues to be a top priority for MSPs and their SME customer base. According to our recent research, 63 percent of SME workloads are anticipated to be run in the public cloud in 2024. Through this collaboration with Microsoft, we’re streamlining that experience and revolutionizing Microsoft cloud management.”

“Our collaboration with N‑able will accelerate our collective ability to deliver the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud to small and medium businesses,” said Deb Dubrow, group product manager for the Windows Cloud Experience team. “N‑able’s support for Windows 365 will allow MSPs to provide their customers with access to a familiar, secure, and persistent Windows experience managed with other Microsoft services via the Cloud Commander console.”