Pure Storage, Microsoft Expand Strategic Partnership

Pure Storage expands its multi-year strategic product and go-to-market partnership with Microsoft, which brings Pure Storage’s storage capabilities to native Microsoft Azure services by leveraging Azure’s Premium SSD v2 and introducing them to Azure VMware Solution (AVS) in preview.

Now in Preview in 16 Azure regions globally, Pure Cloud Block Store for Azure VMware Solution enables customers to:

  • Optimize AVS costs. With Pure Storage’s compression and deduplication technology, organizations can achieve a high data reduction ratio on VMware workloads in Azure. Combined with Pure Storage’s ability to decouple block storage costs from compute costs, customers can achieve sizeable savings off their baselines for storage-heavy workloads.
  • Take Advantage of Evergreen Innovation in Azure. By integrating Azure’s latest storage solution, Premium SSD v2 disk, in partnership with the Azure Storage team, Pure Storage helps mutual customers achieve up to one-third of the infrastructure cost than Pure’s previous platform without sacrificing performance or capabilities.
  • Accelerate and De-Risk Cloud Migrations. Organizations can migrate their applications to the cloud without any capability trade-offs, with the ability to scale storage and compute independently based on need.
  • Leverage Pure Storage Safemode Ransomware Data Protection: Pure Storage delivers an always-on, policy-driven snapshot creation and protection mechanism called Safemode that provides the ability to leverage Pure Storage snapshots to restore protected data sets. Customers enjoy and rely on this protection with their on-premises VMware environments with FlashArray and can leverage this functionality with Azure VMware Solution and Pure Cloud Block Store.
  • Implement Flexible Disaster Recovery: Organizations can take advantage of data protection capabilities in Purity such as zero-RPO ActiveCluster, near-zero RPO ActiveDR, and Purity CloudSnap to ensure the right data are protected in the right way, in the right place at the right time.
  • Right-sizing Disaster Recovery: Pure Storage’s high availability and cloud replication capabilities enable disaster recovery targets on AVS that can be configured with minimal compute and storage that can scale on-demand.
  • Simplify and Unify Storage Strategy. By using the same data management platform on-premises and in the cloud, organizations can track, manage, deploy and provide consistent multi-cloud governance for their data more easily.

“This expanded partnership between Pure Storage and Microsoft creates a significant milestone, ushering in a new age of cloud migration, and ultimately driving faster, more cost-effective adoption of cloud services,” said Pure Storage Chief Product Officer Ajay Singh. “By optimizing performance and cost at scale, we look forward to unlocking the number of mission-critical use cases that we can