Kinetic Provides Wi-Fi Where You Need It

Kinetic’s Whole Home Wi-Fi Set Up provides users with the highest-quality Wi-Fi signal strength in every room. The Kinetic by Windstream service comes with an in-home Wi-Fi checkup leading to recommendations that optimize Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.

During a Kinetic checkup, a technician examines a home’s Wi-Fi connection speeds and identifies optimal equipment locations using an app called Certify, developed by Kinetic partner RouteThis.

The technician then tests the Wi-Fi throughout the home to ensure every device in every room receives the highest-quality Wi-Fi signal.

“With our exclusive, Whole Home Wi-Fi Set Up service, you get wall-to-wall coverage,” said Clay Fisher, Kinetic’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We assess a customer’s Wi-Fi strengths and weaknesses with the RouteThis Certify app and recommend a solution to eliminate dead spots. We also make sure that all connected devices operate with the greatest speed and efficiency.”

During a Whole Home Wi-Fi Set Up checkup, the RouteThis Certify app generates a digital map of a home layout. The Kinetic technician then tests for ideal modem/router locations and identifies the best place for any Whole Home Wi-Fi equipment so the customer gets the strongest Wi-Fi signal possible.

“Nobody wants limitations on where they can use their internet connection,” said Jason Moore, RouteThis Co-founder and CEO. “Our Certify app integrates analytics, the RouteThis Recommendation Engine, and the skills of Kinetic’s technicians to provide customers with the best possible home Wi-Fi experience.”

Offering the Whole Home Wi-Fi Set Up is part of Kinetic’s $2 billion, multiyear capital investment to provide fiber broadband across its service area in 18 states. The company also partners with cities, counties and other groups to drive fiber deeper into the network faster.

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