Owl Labs: 62 Percent of Employees Would Take Pay Cut to Continue Remote Work

Owl Labs released its “2023 IT Workplace Trends: US” report, its most-recent comprehensive survey that analyzes the current state of work and remote work. From 2017-2020, in-office was the primary scenario. Over the ensuing three years, however, the world participated many more were forced to – and ultimately embraced – remote working.

Today, flexibility and hybrid options are among the most sought-after, despite a majority of U.S. employees having already returned to the office full-time (66 percent of those surveyed).

Per Owl Labs, Americans are “embracing flexible work – and they want more of it. The data has shown (again) that employees feel more productive, balanced and loyal to their companies when they have it.”

Of note, 62 percent of employees would take a pay cut of 10 percent or more, with four percent willing to resign if no longer permitted to have remote or hybrid work.

For the full report, click here.