CybeReady Launches Internal Comms as Part of Proactive Security Awareness Training Suite

CybeReady, a global leader in security awareness training, introduced an advanced training solution with several new features, including the new Internal Communication Center (Internal Comms) with Employee Scorecards. The new capabilities should help organizations with remote workers to increase training engagement, reinforce continuous improvement and promote proactive security.

With cyberattacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, the first line of defense often lies with employees. Regular and engaging cybersecurity training programs empower the workforce with the skills needed to identify and stop potential threats, including phishing scams, ransomware attacks or data breaches. By fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes continuous learning and cybersecurity awareness, organizations can significantly reduce their vulnerability to attacks.

CybeReady’s enhanced solution suite includes an all-new Internal Comms Center, with features to bolster communication across all organizational levels. This includes Managerial Reports for better department communications with monthly performance reports (PBR reports) to track and report progress to Upper Management / Board. It also includes Employee Scorecards, which mark a significant advancement in communicating and personalizing cybersecurity training for corporate employees.

The Internal Comms feature is designed to manage workforce communication more effectively, keeping staff updated on employee progress and facilitating vital security notifications and alerts. It includes an analytics page that provides insight into the cultural behavior of employees for better adaptation. It is designed to empower organizations to understand and improve their security posture.

With Employee Scorecards, every employee receives a tailored assessment of their performance in essential security-related skills, rated from one to five stars. These assessments, delivered every three months, are crafted in a friendly tone that provides encouragement and actionable advice for enhancing cyber awareness. The scorecards are automatically aligned with the corporate brand’s color scheme and each employee’s native language. In addition, they can be customized per the preferred visual and design themes.

Key scorecard benefits include:

  • Security awareness initiative reminders for employees: The scorecards mention the security awareness programs within the organization so employees have a chance to get reacquainted with them.
  • Individual progress tracking: Employees can monitor their performance and continuously improve cybersecurity behaviors and habits.
  • Delivery in a positive, motivational tone: The scorecards are designed to inspire and motivate employees to strive for better security practices, reinforcing a positive approach to security.

In addition to Internal Comms, the training solution has also been bolstered with QR-based phishing simulations. These have been added in response to the recent surge in QR code phishing attacks. The simulations are seamlessly integrated into learning cycles, requiring no manual intervention. Employees who scan the QR codes will be redirected to a training landing page, educating them on identifying potential threats in QR-based attacks. This proactive measure is vital in addressing the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.

“Provided to foster a proactive, security-first culture, CybeReady’s new features deliver significant enhancements in cybersecurity training,” said Michal Gil, Head of Product for CybeReady. “By providing personalized, engaging training and insights using Employee Scorecards, we allow for more proactive measures to be taken before a cyberattack gains a foothold.”

For more information about CybeReady’s Security Awareness Training solution, click here.