Essen Vision Becomes FireMon’s NSPM Vendor of Choice

FireMon, a network security policy management (NSPM) company that brings visibility, control, and automation to enterprise cloud and hybrid network infrastructure, announces today a partnership with Essen Vision, a Mumbai headquartered digital security specialist offering professional services to more than 250 enterprise customers across India.

This will see Essen Vision become the country’s first partner for FireMon NSPM solutions since it started investing in the region late last year.

Indian companies experienced more than 1,700 cyberattacks per week over the last six months, compared to the global average of slightly more than 980. The cybersecurity services industry in the country has grown from $4.3 billion in 2019 to more than $8.4 billion in 2021, representing a growth rate of 40.33 percent.

As a result, companies have turned to strengthen their firewall for real estate. However, the large number of firewalls being implemented results in the challenge of effectively managing them.

One of the most common threats to business security is accidental firewall policy misconfigurations. Manual rule and policy management of complex ground-to-cloud networks introduce countless opportunities for error.

Most breaches that occur are the result of attackers taking advantage of these misconfigurations. It’s because of these threats, coupled with a tightening and evolving regulatory compliance landscape, that Essen Vision has chosen to partner with FireMon. Their collaboration will see them provide Indian businesses with the means to detect, respond, and prevent cyberattacks from happening while prioritizing compliance as an essential function.

The partnership centers around FireMon’s comprehensive NSPM solution, which Essen Vision will offer its customers. The solution will enable organizations to centralize company policy and automate policy management, regardless of how many firewalls, cloud security group, and other policy-control devices are on a network.

FireMon knows every detail of every device and intelligently designs rule changes that are optimized for each business environment. FireMon’s automated change management responds to evolving requirements and environments, even after policies have been deployed.

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