Hornetsecurity Launches 365 Permission Manager

Cybersecurity provider Hornetsecurity has launched 365 Permission Manager – a user-friendly, admin-centered solution to manage permissions, enforce compliance policies and monitor violations within Microsoft 365 (M365).

The solution brings ease and order to the tracking of employee access to M365 sites, files and folders, and ensures that critical permission situations do not occur. This way, 365 Permission Manager helps protect the organization’s information assets and ensures that users follow good practices when sharing critical business information, in line with Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) requirements.

A recent study from Hornetsecurity found that nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of remote staff have access to critical data. This increase in hybrid work further demonstrates how critical and valuable 365 Permission Manager is to administrators and CISOs, as it can help prevent unauthorized access to corporate data. It also enables administrators to meet compliance requirements by helping users to work diligently.

Hornetsecurity CISO, Olaf Petry said, “It is critical for a CISO to effectively oversee the company’s strategy and programs to ensure adequate protection of information assets and technologies, and yet this process can be very complicated. My peers often discuss what a great pain point it is for them. Hornetsecurity’s new 365 Permission Manager will set CISO’s minds at rest by enabling security and compliance managers and administrators to efficiently and easily control Microsoft 365 permissions, and help prevent critical data from getting into the wrong hands.”

Hornetsecurity worked closely with CISOs, security and compliance managers, and administrators to create the 365 Permission Manager. The solution helps organizations protect sensitive information via a user-friendly interface that provides a comprehensive view of permissions.

This will save organizations and administrators time and effort, as it allows them to perform bulk actions to manage permissions and maintain a compliant SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive infrastructure.

365 Permission Manager also enables organizations to maintain compliance with internal and external regulations, as well as policies across sharing sites, files and folders in Microsoft 365 – making for an easier, smoother and more efficient process for administrators and site owners.

Hornetsecurity’s 365 Permission Manager also empowers organizations to exercise reasonable control over the access and sharing permissions granted in M365 in a pragmatic way. Instead of offering an excess of overly specific features, the solution is operational-centered, providing a non-obstructive workflow to easily review and fix permissions.
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