Automox Unveils Automated Vulnerability Remediation

Automox, a cloud-native IT operations provider, has enhanced its platform help ITOps and SecOps teams fix vulnerabilities faster and more efficiently, with cloud-native, full-cycle detection and remediation solution. Delivered in collaboration with inaugural partner Rapid7, Automox Automated Vulnerability Remediation (AVR) synchronizes with Rapid7 InsightVM to ingest critical vulnerability data every day, enabling ITOps to remediate vulnerability quickly, via patching or using Worklets.

With the rise in cyber-attacks and the growing complexity of managing and securing today’s hybrid workplace, ITOps teams struggle to keep their endpoints updated and secure in an efficient manner. In fact, according to the Automox State of IT Operations report, 93 percent rely on some degree of labor-intensive use of scripting to automate endpoint management, and 84 percent said there’s room for improvement in managing endpoints.

With the AVR, ITOps and SecOps teams can remediate the most critical vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes, unlike current legacy solutions that can take weeks or months to remediate all endpoints.

With this cloud-to-cloud integration with Rapid7, IT teams simply need to configure, ingest vulnerability information and start remediating, no installation or download required. Additional benefits of AVR include:

  • Lightning-fast detection and remediation
  • Full-spectrum vulnerability coverage
  • Investment protection
  • Smooth, efficient coordination between teams: Enable ITOps and SecOps to work as one risk-reducing team with fewer crossed wires.