Nureva Appoints AV Supply Group as Australian Distributor

Nureva Inc., an innovator in advanced audio-conferencing solutions, appointed AV Supply Group PTY Ltd. as its distributor in Australia. AV Supply Group Ltd. introduced Nureva’s audio-conferencing product line to the New Zealand market in 2017, where there’s been an increasing need for reliable audio to support the country’s working and learning environments.

The group’s expansion into Australia, where there is an even greater demand from the steady shift to hybrid working and learning models, presents an opportunity to broaden distribution to a wider range of resellers and their customers.

According to The Centre for the New Workforce 2021 national survey, almost all knowledge workers in Australia want some level of flexibility in their working arrangement and more than 40 percent are prepared to leave their jobs if not offered flexible options. Another report from Study International in Australia states that continuing to enhance hybrid education could help Australian universities secure their future.

Both market segments require reliable audio to support remote learners and workers. Recognizing this, and with AV Supply Group’s proven distribution approach in New Zealand and the company’s product knowledge, Nureva plans to grow its sales to business and education institutions throughout Australia. Nureva audio conferencing systems bring clear, reliable audio to meeting and learning spaces. Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones so in-room participants can move around the room and still be heard clearly by remote participants. All systems feature true full-room microphone pickup, easy installation and continuous autocalibration that automatically adapts to any room configuration.

For more information, visit the Nureva website.