Stratodesk NoTouch Enables High Performance, Secure Hybrid Workspaces

Stratodesk, a global EUC innovator of endpoint OS software, announced the general availability of its latest software evolution, Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4. Answering top challenges facing enterprises in a hybrid work world, Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 increases the adoptability and useability of high-performance, hybrid cloud workspaces.

Stratodesk’s newest operating system accomplishes this through the addition of capabilities enabling simpler end-user experiences, advanced, high-resolution protocols and integration of the latest cloud and VDI solution provider software releases.

“According to our primary research, 81 percent of technology-based workers perform at least some job tasks outside of the physical office,” said Steve Brasen, research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “Most legacy technologies are not equipped to securely deliver IT services to remote users without impeding their productivity. Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 works with existing IT infrastructures to create consistent user experiences, and the newly released self-service capabilities enable broad deployment with ease.”

Ensuring the effectiveness of secure, high-performance, hybrid cloud workspaces is a challenge facing IT leaders. Businesses seek new and better ways to provide their workers with workplace flexibility. A recent study found 100 percent of IT leaders desire a hybrid work model. To achieve this without making sacrifices in productivity, enterprises require a more powerful, more adoptable and easier-to-use endpoint OS.

Stratodesk addresses this need with the evolution of Stratodesk NoTouch software. Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 boasts critical features to enable a secure hybrid work world. It includes the biggest graphical user interface (GUI) update since the last major update released in 2021 – a first-time installation wizard and sleek design elements that streamline end-user experience. Together these improvements will reduce helpdesk requests for large enterprises by making the endpoint easier to set up and interact within remote work scenarios.

Updates made to the GUI will deliver a simpler out-of-the-box experience of Stratodesk NoTouch OS. First-time Stratodesk NoTouch admins remain in full control while end users can take a simpler self-serve approach. The updated installation process will guide system admins step-by-step through a process that will make endpoint deployment across thousands of devices easier.

New graphical elements include additional icons to complement the minimalistic design of Stratodesk NoTouch OS. An ideal alternative to the traditional “hotkey” approach, these icons are an easy and intuitive way for remote workers to manage their networks, enable multi-monitor display, and access their sound settings.

Ultimately, updates made to the Stratodesk NoTouch OS out-of-the-box experience will embolden cloud and traditional VDI workspaces.

Additionally, Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 uses a compression technique that leads to improved performance, making Stratodesk NoTouch OS faster than before. This advanced speed allows IT to maximize the time-saving benefits they have come to expect from imaging and deploying new devices with Stratodesk NoTouch OS across entire deployments.

Customers wanting a deeper look into what Stratodesk NoTouch OS 3.4 offers can access via their Customer Portal the release notes for a full rundown of new features. Business and IT leaders new to Stratodesk NoTouch can schedule a 20-minute demo of our software.