Zyxel Launches Hybrid Switch Solution for SMB Market

Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI- and cloud-powered business and home networking solutions, launched its GS1915 Series 8-port GbE Smart Managed Switches. Ideal for small businesses and prosumers, Zyxel’s GS1915-8 8-port GbE Smart Managed Switch and GS1915-8EP 8-port GbE Smart Managed PoE Switch make it easy to deploy and manage a reliable, high-performance network without the need for a dedicated IT team.

The most affordable hybrid switch solution for SMBs, GS1915 series switches supports NebulaFlex, giving users the flexibility of setting up and managing the switches using Zyxel’s Nebula cloud-based management platform, SNMP or web-based GUI. Providing seamless multi-device management and an easy transition to cloud-based network management, GS1915 switches each feature eight RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and a compact, fanless design that allows them to blend inconspicuously into any home or office environment.

Benefits of GS1915 Series Switches include:

  • Simple, Affordable Cloud-based Management – Easily accessed via a web interface or mobile app, Zyxel’s scalable Nebula cloud management platform provides users with real-time network information and provides centrally managed control over GS1915 Smart Managed switches and connected access points and security gateways. Nebula enables streamlined installation and management of the network without the additional costs of a software or hardware controller.
  • NebulaFlex Provides Management Flexibility – NebulaFlex provides flexibility in management options by giving users the ability to manage GS1915 Smart Managed switches via the cloud using the license-free Nebula cloud management platform, via an existing controller using SMTP, or locally using the intuitive web GUI. NebulaFlex allows users to change management options at any time without additional cost while protecting previous investments in wired technology.
  • Superior Performance for Bandwidth-intensive Applications – Eight gigabit Ethernet ports provide 16Gbps switching capacity to ensure reliable, high-speed connectivity for critical applications such as video conferencing, VoIP and IoT devices in homes, small businesses and chain stores.
  • Intelligent Power Delivery – All eight ports of GS1915-8EP support IEEE 802.3at for maximum deployment of PoE devices. With a total power budget of 60W and the ability to deliver up to 30W to each port, GS1915-8EP features a default PoE consumption mode that delivers only the actual power required by connected devices. This intelligent distribution of power enables the switch to optimize its power budget to deliver power to more devices.

“Fast, reliable network connectivity has become critical for both businesses and home users as network applications have pushed the demand on networks beyond the movement of large files and streaming media, to high-bandwidth, low-latency applications such as video conferencing and video surveillance,” explained Tri Nguyen, market development manager at Zyxel Networks. “Our GS1915 series switches deliver a critical balance of performance, affordability and flexibility that makes them ideal solutions for expanding or upgrading existing networks.”