Slingshot Digital Workplace Connects Everyone, Everywhere

Slingshot, a digital workplace that connects everyone you work with to everything they need to get work done, has launched across the United States. The new digital workplace streamlines companies’ workplace tech stacks by giving remote, in-person and hybrid teams a single place to collaborate, make data-driven decisions, set goals, share content and communicate within the context of the projects on which they are working.

Slingshot is available as a desktop app (Mac and Windows) and mobile app (Apple App Store and Google Play) and can be accessed on any web browser at The platform was built by the Infragistics Innovation Lab, the experimental arm of software company Infragistics.

The workplace is no longer a single physical space that team members occupy during a fixed set of working hours. And teams often comprise in-house employees, freelance talent and vendor organizations, sometimes spread across time zones and geographic locations. To adapt to this reality, companies have scrambled to adopt new tools but have ended up with more than they need.

As a result, team members spend their time switching from one app to the next to figure out where conversations happened, where content is stored, what others are working on and where they can find the data they need to make decisions.

Slingshot eliminates these obstacles so teams – no matter where they are – can work smarter, make better decisions and achieve optimal results. Its project management interface features native chat functionality, content-sharing and a data catalog that acts as a central location for the data that matters to an organization, so teams can make informed decisions through dashboards.

“Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed a unique workplace philosophy for building trust, maximizing team results and using data to iterate and make informed decisions. This philosophy is now the backbone of Slingshot,” said Dean Guida, Founder of Slingshot. “We’ve built a workplace where teams can get work done in the digital realm, during an especially critical time when organizations are reshaping their workplaces to be productive for in-person, remote and hybrid teams.”

Business users can get a free trial of Slingshot at