Xoxoday Empuls Helps Companies Engage Remote Workers

Employee engagement was a focus area in the pre-COVID era, but it gained utmost importance during the pandemic. Xoxoday’s Empuls, an all-in-one employee engagement platform, allows companies to engage remote employees.

In March 2020, companies were forced to rethink the way they work. This was uncharted territory for CXOs and people leaders globally. The world of work transitioned from the office to home. Xoxoday, recreated its physical workplace digitally using Empuls and ensured its employees continued to be motivated, engaged and happy.

The disruptions of 2020 brought a never-before-seen focus on employee engagement practices. Gallup’s data shows that U.S. employee engagement increased from 36 percent in late 2020 to 39 percent in January 2021. Employees are now connecting over social intranets to collaborate and stay connected. As a result, the company saw more than 75 percent monthly active users and 90 percent net promoter scores for its products in 2020-21.

Companies that remained resilient during the pandemic had one thing in common: Their people and culture. Companies lagging in people and culture practices started investing in their people. The demand for Empuls increased for various countries and even orthodox sectors. Xoxoday acquired more than one client every day and helped the clients succeed during the pandemic.

Empuls stands out as a holistic solution. As a result, companies don’t have to invest in separate solutions. Empuls provides a social intranet platform for employee communication, alignment and celebration. Surveys allow the employer to measure employee engagement and seek proactive feedback to build a great workplace. Recognition and rewards let employers build a culture of appreciation and reinforce positive behaviors. For example, the employer can create multiple moments of celebration by giving rewards for employee milestones, good performance, customer wins, etc.

An investment in Empuls is an investment in employees. Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of the customers and business.

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