Spike Introduces Video Meetings Integrated into Your Inbox

Spike, which calls itself “the world’s first conversational and collaborative email platform,” announced video and audio meetings now are integrated fully into your email inbox. This will optimize the range of communication solutions on the platform and will improve productivity and collaboration for teams and individuals.

This past year was life-altering for business. As lockdowns took place, work evolved. In-person communication became a thing of the past, people felt more disconnected, and the process of connecting with a team member, client or customer and being able to read body language, had to be adjusted.

The situation required new forms of communication to keep businesses running at peak performance. Spike understood customer needs and added voice messaging to email, group chats and collaborative notes, and is now rounding out its offering with video meetings. The new features streamline your workflow and eliminate the constant app switching between video conferencing apps to team chats.

With the mission of helping to connect teams and businesses with their customers and communities, Spike has unveiled “Video Meetings” fully integrated into your inbox. This enables video or audio meetings to be initiated or joined by Spike and non-Spike users. From 1:1 conversation, multi-participant threads, and group chats, users can switch seamlessly from email and team chat, to voice messages, to audio or video calls.

Remote teams can hold a video meeting while simultaneously taking meeting notes or viewing a presentation all within the same window. Video Meetings can be scheduled from Spike’s integrated calendar or sent ad-hoc right from your email thread or group chat without the unnecessary installation and sign-up process required by other video conferencing apps.

“Spike’s mission is building the most modern and intuitive collaborative platform while streamlining workflows,” said Dvir Ben-Aroya, CEO and co-founder of Spike. “Context switching is something we’ve long had frustrations with because we see how it breaks focus throughout your day. That’s why we are constantly innovating Spike’s communication solution to allow our users to be more efficient, more focused, rather than being overwhelmed by the tools they use. We talk a lot about having a single digital workspace at Spike and adding video meetings and calls further reinforces that idea. There are no new apps to learn, no new accounts to create, and no more trying to figure out which video meeting app to use”.

Spike Video Meetings work on desktop and mobile and support screen sharing from desktop devices, making it a robust solution for all types of team meetings, presentations and project collaborations It serves as a free or low-cost alternative to long-distance calls. In addition, integrated emoji reactions allow for fun and quick responses.

Spike is set to launch a complete email and messaging service solution for personal and business users later this year that incorporates all of Spike’s email client features, chat, and collaboration tools. For more information, visit www.spikenow.com.