WorkWave’s Communication Center Improves CX

WorkWave, a provider of SaaS software solutions, launched its Communication Center earlier this month during its annual Beyond Service User Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Communication Center is a centralized hub that allows WorkWave customers to manage all customer communications and interactions, across all different methods, in one place. This allows customer service and other customer-facing personnel to have a clear picture of exactly where customers stand and how they are served best during that interaction and in a broader sense, to give them a great experience.

“Everyone knows customer experience is king these days, and a great experience is influenced by every interaction, both physical and digital, throughout a customer’s entire lifetime journey. And nothing frustrates a customer more than interacting with uninformed employees every step of the way. At its core, WorkWave’s new Communication Center solves this problem better than any other technology available in the market,” Giannetto claimed “But our Communication Center goes one step further by providing users with ‘smart suggestions’ to instantly better arm service agents with key insight into who the customer is, why they are calling and even how they might be feeling. This gives every WorkWave customer the ability to provide world-class service.”

The initial launch provides agents with the ability to communicate directly with their customers through unified webchat and text interaction, organizing and structuring access all from one place. The next phase of functionality will unify email and phone integrations so communication through any means is simple and centralized.

The Communication Center will be available for users of WorkWave’s flagship product PestPac, with plans to expand to its other offerings throughout the year.

Recent studies show consumers are more likely to use multiple channels of communication when looking to hire a vendor, with many opting for text or webchat. With Communication Center, customer information and past interactions are unified so users can access their customers’ most accurate and up-to-date contact information while using the customer’s preferred means of communication. If the customer chooses to change the method of communication, the conversation can continue. This strengthens and builds the provider-customer relationship and ensures positive and recurring communications, which leads to higher recurrent services.

Components of Communication Center include:

  • Deep integration with service data and communication methods, putting actionable information at your fingertips
  • Smart suggestions that help agents understand key insights about the customer and their situation
  • Two-way SMS and chat communications
  • Unified customer and service information to improve resolution time

Future capabilities launching later this year:

  • Quick actions to take payments and schedule services
  • Email inbox integration
  • Scripting to maintain consistency among CSRs
  • Ability to receive and record all phone calls

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