Leostream Announces Support for AWS WorkSpaces Core

Leostream, a provider of enterprise-grade remote access solutions, today announced that users of the Leostream Platform can deploy secure, scalable, global VDI infrastructures on Amazon WorkSpaces Core, ensuring that they have access to their required desktops and applications hosted in AWS with the performance they demand from any location.

Amazon WorkSpaces Core is a set of VDI APIs for third-party software. WorkSpaces Core enables customers and partners to build customized VDI solutions using purpose-built compute instances optimized for virtual desktops. By incorporating support for WorkSpaces Core, Leostream continues to fulfill its mandate of enabling secure remote access anywhere from a single web-based administrator portal.

WorkSpaces Core removes the need for capacity planning or infrastructure refreshing, simplifying the provisioning, deployment, and management of VDI environments while helping optimize spending with predictable, fixed rate, pay-as-you-go pricing and with no upfront costs. End-users receive a high-quality desktop experience where they can access the documents, applications, and resources they need with the device of their choice. With the combination of Leostream and WorkSpaces Core, organizations have the tools needed to maximize the utility of desktops and applications hosted in the cloud quickly and easily with improved security and lower costs.

“Leostream has a long history of working with Amazon Web Services to provide users with the tools they need to satisfy a wide range of use cases and maximizing the utility of desktops and applications hosted in the public cloud,” said Karen Gondoly, Leostream CEO. “Implementing the WorkSpaces Core API into the Leostream Platform offers a cascade of benefits to those looking to build cloud-based VDI environments. By supporting WorkSpaces Core, we continue to provide Amazon users with the ability to provision virtual desktops on demand, support multi-tenancy needs, improve security and lower costs.”

Leostream is the connection management platform of choice for major enterprises and institutions because of its ability to mix and manage on-premises and cloud-based hosting platforms. Leostream’s remote access and desktop connection management software enables organizations to create security-conscious remote desktop environments that are sustainable, performant, and cost-effective. The ability to orchestrate disparate technologies from a single management and access platform is a uniquely Leostream construct that enables organizations to advance the state of the art of their entire hosted desktop environment with an eye on integrating new technologies as they come to market.