Workspot Extends Intelligent VDI Platform

Workspot, an intelligent VDI platform built for the multi-cloud era, announced its trademarked Workspot Trends now is available to its customers. Through the offering, the company enables organizations to make data-driven decisions that help deliver performance to end users.

Historically, virtual desktop adoption has been hindered by poor end-user satisfaction. Workspot’s cloud-native VDI platform solves performance problems associated with latency and improves performance monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization.

Workspot Trends collects key performance metrics, including direct, in-product, and end-user survey results for every session and user. IT teams can view the summary performance ratings and begin to drill down into virtual desktop pools that show weaker end-user satisfaction ratings and compare them with pools that have higher ratings.

This comparison yields insights into the specific conditions, whether that is CPU or memory usage, network conditions, round-trip time and more, so IT teams can resolve the issue at the individual or pool level.

Building upon comprehensive observability features inherent in the platform, including continuous collection and real-time analysis of millions of data points across endpoints, gateways, virtual desktop agents, enterprise connectors, and multiple clouds, Workspot Trends adds current and historical end-user satisfaction feedback to its performance analysis algorithm.

Through this solution, IT teams obtain actionable insights into the end-user experience over time.

More information about Workspot Trends and the benefits it offers can be found here, or watch the Workspot Trends demo here.