WomenTech Network Grants Adaptive US its “Best Remote Work Culture” Award, 2023

The WomenTech Network named Adaptive US as the winner for “Best Remote Work Culture” for the Women in Tech Global Awards 2023.

Adaptive US was recognized for “exceptional efforts in creating a remote work culture that promotes diversity, inclusivity and work-life balance. In particular, the company implemented innovative strategies and policies to ensure its employees feel supported and valued, even while working remotely.

“On behalf of WomenTech Network, I would like to congratulate Adaptive US Inc. and all of our 2023 winners, finalists, and nominees for their hard work and dedication to making positive change within their communities and in technology,” said Anna Radulovski, CEO & founder, WomenTech Network. “WomenTech Network deeply appreciates your ongoing support for our mission to advance gender equality in the tech industry and celebrate the outstanding success of women on a global scale. We are proud that you are part of our outstanding global community!”

“Adaptive US Inc. is honored to receive this recognition and is committed to continuously improving its remote work culture,” said Ananya Pani, Global Sales & Marketing Head with Adaptive US. “The company believes that a positive work culture is essential for the success and well-being of its employees, and this award is a testament to its efforts in achieving that goal.”