WISPA: Senate Hearing Highlights Centrality of Spectrum to U.S. Growth and Prosperity

WISPA – Broadband Without Boundaries weighed in on yesterday’s Senate hearing regarding the centrality of spectrum to equitable U.S. growth and prosperity.

Noting in particular the benefits of improving access to commercial spectrum, the group’s VP of government affairs, Matt Mandel asserted that it serves to extend, streamline and decrease cost for broadband, presenting opportunity for connectivity to more far-flung locations.

“Access to more commercial spectrum means better, safer lives. Period,” said Mandel. “It brings broadband to those who need it faster, more flexibly, and at less cost than wired alternatives. It adeptly carries opportunity to the hardest to reach and serve rural, under-resourced and Tribal parts of America, over and through arbitrary physical, political and societal borders. Anything Washington can do to free this limited resource up is welcome. We are encouraged by today’s discussion and urge legislators to consider balanced spectrum approaches to parse out finite spectrum – especially those which ensure small and rural providers have a fair shot at accessing airwaves that are critical building blocks for fast, reliable broadband.”

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