Vizetto Launches Reactiv SUITE PRO

Vizetto Inc. launched Reactiv SUITE PRO – a version of Reactiv SUITE designed for laptop and personal use in a home office or on the road.

The COVID-19 pandemic put professionals in a box — a virtual one. Web conferencing was gaining ground for a while, but suddenly, it became the rule. Over the past months, mentions of “Zoom fatigue” have popped up more on social media, and most professionals are feeling remote work burnout.

Why do we find conference calls so draining? There are a few reasons. Remote meetings are less engaging, open to distractibility and often become “passive presentations.” Our brains don’t receive enough sensory input to focus and pay attention and this leads to lack of retention of information and inability to create long term memories that give meaning and impact to these calls.

Reactiv SUITE is an eco-system of software products designed to make remote meetings interactive and memorable. The software allows any professional to share the content, be non-linear in interactions with remote participants, fluidly pull up content and media, engage in discussions, visually markup documents and elevate the presence to stand out.

On this platform, individuals can focus on getting their message across instead of presenting static data and images using antiquated screen sharing.

Reactiv SUITE PRO is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office suite of products. No need to move, copy or upload data to servers. Simply create a presentation in Reactiv that points to your data location. The data can be on your server, local hard drive, VPN location, SharePoint location, or even OneDrive. Then, pin your camera and present using any type of content. Use PowerPoint as a visual aid, bring in Excel documents and Word files when required. Easily underline, highlight and markup any of these documents and inject the ink back into your files as an editable layer. This is very useful to capture your notes, corrections, and trigger a memory when you distribute these files back to your audience.

Reactiv SUITE creates a seamless experience for all users in any work environment, allowing local and remote employees, partners and customers to collaborate simultaneously and to participate as if they were sitting across the table from each other.

To download a free copy of Reactive SUITE PRO, visit