ControlUp Raises $100M, Co-led by K1, JVP

ControlUp, a leader in digital employee experience management, announced it has completed a $100 million funding round, co-led by K1 Investment Management and JVP. The new investment will help drive innovation and partnerships, to give people the flexibility and freedom to work anywhere.

ControlUp helps deliver remote work environments. Bringing together large and diverse set of real-time metrics across mission critical SaaS applications, IT teams get a 360-degree view of their entire digital employee experience.

Taking less than 10 minutes to deploy and see value, IT teams are empowered to proactively monitor and improve the health of their systems, gain architectural-level insights, and ensure employees have the freedom and flexibility to access any line-of-business application from anywhere.

“This injection of capital will accelerate our ability to help more enterprises open the door to the limitless possibilities of a simpler, more reliable work-from-anywhere experience,” said Asaf Ganot, CEO and co-founder at ControlUp.

“We give IT real-time visibility into system status, with the ability to resolve help desk calls faster, and even handle potential system issues before they happen. All this translates to fewer headaches, lower costs, higher productivity, and happier people,” Ganot said.

Around the world people are demanding remote work options because it’s better. Managers and team members see increased productivity, improved work satisfaction and meaningful reductions in attrition rates when they have the freedom to work the way they want.

Enterprise IT teams want to deliver a seamless remote work experience, but obsolete systems can’t meet these new requirements. Today, enterprises need a new generation of tools that track in real-time system performance, solve problems faster and leverage advanced technology like AI and ML to handle potential issues before they happen.

For more than 10 years, ControlUp has been working to make remote work simpler and more reliable. ControlUp is used by the largest enterprises to support their hybrid workforces including four of the top five U.S. health insurance companies, five of the top eight U.S. health care companies, and four of the top six global telco companies.

This past year, ControlUp has seen 50 percent revenue growth and 67 percent growth in enterprise accounts, and more than 1 million new seats deployed around the world.

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