Vectra AI’s Cognito Adds Zero Trust Capabilities for Microsoft Software

Vectra AI announced that its Vectra Cognito platform now delivers key Zero Trust capabilities for Microsoft 365 and Azure. The service assumes breaches by investigating user, workload, network and device behavior as if always originating from an untrusted network, leveraging analytics and tracking activity between on-premise and cloud-based deployments.

Cognito employs artificial intelligence (AI) in order to target hidden attacks in 365, Azure Active Directory, cloud, data center, Internet of Things (IoT) and enterprise networks, in real time. The software serves to prevent attacks earlier in the kill chain, determining if business continuity (BC)-centric applications are available and accessible.

Microsoft – which developed its Zero Trust maturity model to adapt to an environment – is integrating Cognito to allow customers to access AI-powered threat detection to monitor and verify communications to business-critical applications.

“The Vectra Cognito platform was developed,” said Vectra VP of Partnerships, Randy Schirman, “on the idea that standard, static security measures like firewalls, NAC and VPNs were not enough to protect the modern enterprise. With the hybrid remote work model effectively rendering traditional security measures obsolete, we are completely aligned with the Microsoft Zero Trust Model approach.”