Unicon Extends Services to MSP Licensing Scout

Managed services live up to the times by accounting for an increasingly complex ICT channel, one reason they enjoy growing popularity across all industries. Unicon, an expert in end-user computing and a leading software provider for cloud devices, offers system houses and managed service providers (MSPs) a customized and future-proof management solution.

Scout MSP allows MSPs to expand their Workplace-as a-Service offering, position themselves as a trusted partner and increase their efficiency. Scout MSP was developed specifically for the needs of MSPs and opens the potential for IT service providers to extend their “as-a-service offering” such as device-, workplace-, desktop-as-a-service etc., using a secure, lean operating system (eLux®) and efficient device management (Scout).

By offering end-user computing as a managed service, system houses meet their customers’ needs and requirements in terms of modern and intuitive IT management and unleash business opportunities.

The robust and streamlined Scout MSP management solution maximizes technicians’ efficiency. They can manage all end devices operated with eLux in complex and simple VDI and desktop-as-a-service environments from one central console.

Thanks to seamless UC&C integration, communication tools such as web conferencing, VoIP, desktop sharing, etc., work together smoothly to provide employees with a consistent user experience across all devices.

Unicon’s close partnerships with leading technology companies in virtualization, UC&C, OEM, multimedia and security help MSPs increase their customers’ resilience and user experience.

“Managed services have become an indispensable part of the ICT channel. Due to changing customer requirements such as hybrid work models and the desire for ‘plug in IT solutions,’, they represent an important future market for system houses. Scout MSP provides our partners with an attractive solution that allows them to create new products and services, for example consisting of devices, operating system, VDI, service and support. This enables IT service providers to tap into new business opportunities and sustainably expand their customer relationships,” said Philipp Benkler, managing director of Unicon.

Easy licensing, predictable costs and customized support using Unicon’s Scout MSP, system houses always have access to the latest packages of eLux, the ultra-slim, hardware-independent operating system, and Scout, the efficient management solution.

Unicon’s pay-per-use billing model provides maximum flexibility, allowing system houses to change the number of devices to be managed every month.

MSPs can achieve additional cost optimization through an annual upfront agreement. Both reporting and invoicing are automated. For more information on Scout MSP, visit https://www.unicon-software.com/partners/msp.