Syntax Reveals Global Flex Program to Promote Employee Well-being

Syntax, a multi-cloud and mission-critical applications managed cloud provider, announced its Global Flex Program. This policy gives Syntax employees the flexibility to create personalized working conditions that enable them to perform their best work. The goal is to encourage Syntax employees to prioritize themselves by giving them the freedom to build their careers around their lives.

“Our primary focus at Syntax has always been providing world-class service and industry leading solutions to our customers, but this wouldn’t be possible without our employees,” said Christian Primeau, Global CEO at Syntax. “Our leadership team is dedicated to creating a culture in which our employees are empowered to organize their jobs around their lives, rather than the other way around. We’re proud to launch this program globally to support our entire team while further elevating our service to our customer base.”

Syntax and its employee base has expanded to more than 1,750 global employees. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2022 and beyond, driving the need to attract and retain talent around the world to support this growth.

“Our employees are our biggest asset here at Syntax, and we wouldn’t be able to deliver the top-tier solutions and services that we offer our customers without their skills and dedication,” said Dessalen Wood, chief people officer at Syntax. “Syntax understands the future of work is changing, and that the Global Flex Program is the first of several initiatives planned to support our employees as they navigate the new world of work. We are committed to continue raising the bar when it comes to how we are supporting our people in terms of work environments, and our focus on flexibility, inclusion and employee well-being is helping create a workforce of happier, empowered employees.”

The Syntax Global Flex Program includes:

  • Global Tourist – Employees have the option to work remotely, from anywhere, for up to 30 or 60 days with few tax and visa implications. Employees can work up to four months in locations where Syntax has a physical presence. With offices located across the globe, employees have the benefit to work and live abroad as part of their experience at Syntax.
  • Flex Workplace – All eligible employees may elect to work at an office, remotely or hybrid. Eligible employees are workers in which the nature of their work does not require them to conduct their responsibilities from a designated Syntax office or assigned location. During the pandemic, Syntax saw that more than 90 percent of roles were able to be performed remotely, and Flex Workplace celebrates this choice.
  • Flex Schedule – Team members can set their own hours, so long as they are completing their work, accessible when needed, available for our customers and attending meetings. With this move, Syntax leaders will assess performance based on job expectations and on result delivery, rather than number of hours worked.

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