TSplus Unveils Direct Connection Feature for Remote Support Software

TSplus announced the release of v3.70 of its remote support software, which includes a direct connection feature. Referred to as “peer to peer,” this function enhances connectivity and efficiency, streamlining remote support experiences across all devices.

TSplus noted that – in response to user feedback and industry requirements – it has prioritized accessibility and ease-of-use. With the introduction of the direct connection feature, users can access a more streamlined and efficient support experience.

TSplus prioritized the development of the direct connection feature to facilitate faster, more direct communication between support agents and end-users. By bypassing traditional relay servers and creating automatic LAN connection between devices on the same network, this technology reduces latency and improves responsiveness, leading to quicker issue resolution and heightened productivity.

Among the other recent developments are macOS client availability, for providing a seamless remote support experience.

While these enhancements, TSplus remains dedicated to continuing innovation and enhancement. The inclusion of macOS clients and the Direct Connection feature is just the initial phase of TSplus’s commitment to delivering the most intuitive and effective remote support solution available, across all platforms.

To discover all the new features and improvements included in Release 3.70, click here. A free download is also available.