TSplus Refreshes Product Line with Clear Branding Strategy

In November 2019, TSplus announced the integration of its line of companion tools under a common brand identity, “TSplus,” to reflect the company’s identity.

On Thursday, another step was taken with a graphical alignment of all solutions, which is illustrated by modern logos, icons and an overall updated way the products are presented and promoted.

TSplus is short for “Terminal Service Plus” and was designating the first and star-software of the developer. It will be used as the main brand linking all derivative and related products under a common name, with a strong identity, which will express the idea of an ecosystem of related solutions for remote access and network management.

The history and long presence of the brand for remote desktop and applications delivery solutions gives it a reliable character as well as a credibility on which the developer relies to promote the rest of its range.

This change coincides with the introduction of a new product, “TSplus Remote Support.” Branding branding for all products has been updated to reflect the change and positioning:

  • The Remote Access category of solutions comprises: TSplus original software which becomes “TSplus Remote Access” – TSplus Virtual Printer – TSplus Remote Work
  • The Network Security category of solutions comprises: TSplus Advanced Security – TSplus 2FA
  • The Network Administration category of solutions comprises: TSplus Server Genius – TSplus Remote Support (coming soon)

No matter the network infrastructure, the number of users, the location or the budget, TSplus has a solution that can fit and be deployed.

Except for TSplus Remote Work, which is its own robust remote desktop solution, all the others can be purchased and used as add-ons to enhance TSplus Remote Access solution. TSplus Enterprise PLUS edition, gathering all TSplus features and add-ons, was introduced last May.

Along with the branding refresh, the TSplus website was given a new look and delivers a richer experience to visitors so customers. To learn more, visit tsplus.net.