ProMobi Delivers NuovoTeam Employee Productivity App

ProMobi Technologies has launched NuovoTeam – an all-in-one app to monitor the productivity, streamline communication and collaboration of non-desk and frontline workers. The product is an addition to the enterprise centric ProMobi product family including Scalefusion and NuovoPay.

Organizations that employ non-desk workers for operational tasks on the field lack a trusted tool and a centralized monitoring system. Enterprises need to have a reliable tool to keep track of the frontline worker productivity that serves as a bridge to the communication barriers field forces often face.

NuovoTeam streamlines employee tracking, communication and collaboration under one single console. Enterprises can keep a close eye on the geolocation of the field force, enable employees to clock in and out from a remote work location, create and assign task lists and keep a tab on the status of each activity using NuovoTeam’s web-based console. Multiple administrators or supervisors can access the NuovoTeam console via role-based access.

The application also can be used for streamlining communication within the frontline workers. Features such as VoIP calling, video calling, instant messaging, voice notes are available. To ensure the engagement and productivity of frontline workers are maintained, secure file transfer and image exchange are also made available within the app. To drive organization-wide communication, broadcast messaging, group chats and newsfeed are some of the features made available by NuovoTeam.

NuovoTeam also ensures the business communication stays secure within the workforce by centralizing the employee corporate directory and employees can communicate only with the pre-approved organizational contacts.

NuovoTeam is ideal for enterprises across diverse industries including but not limited to Logistics & Transport, Health care, Construction, Manufacturing, Remote Teams, First Responders and Oil & Gas.

NuovoTeam is available for Android and iOS. For information about NuovoTeam or to request an evaluation, please visit: