Tenable Releases Capabilities to OT Security Solution

Tenable, an exposure management company, announced new capabilities within Tenable OT Security, providing broader protection for operational technology (OT), critical infrastructure and industrial control systems, regardless of the size of deployment or configuration of environment. The functionality keeps the CISO’s organization front and center — making it easier to secure and maintain governance of the entire attack surface, using the same tools and processes across their infrastructure, be it OT, IT, IoT, cloud or other platforms.

When it comes to connected OT environments, attacks can propagate across IT to impact OT infrastructure and vice versa. Security teams familiar with protecting IT systems are responsible for protecting OT implementations too. However, without holistic visibility, security risks are nearly impossible to determine and track.

Tenable is positioned to help its clients meet their security requirements, offering a comprehensive solution for securing mixed environments. This latest update extends Tenable OT Security’s vulnerability detection capabilities with the upgrade to the OT active scanner and a tighter integration with Nessus, Tenable’s vulnerability scanning technology.

Tenable OT Security offers customers scanning capabilities that include:

  • Increased Asset Discovery and Visibility –
    • Extended Active Query capabilities at the sensor layer to allow for deep asset visibility across network segments
    • Upgraded management experience for Tenable OT Security sensors
    • Added support for an extensive list of controllers, including Bosch PSI Controllers, Bachmann M1 and many more, greatly expanding Tenable’s asset discoverability capabilities
  • Advanced Vulnerability and Threat Detection –
    • Augmented scanning capabilities through seamless integration with Nessus, giving users the option to fully leverage Nessus’ smart scanning against confirmed IT devices, safely, without affecting productivity
    • Dashboard widgets to Nessus’ plugin-based vulnerability detection for easy viewing of vulnerability data
    • Improved Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Engine feed that can now be continuously updated on demand via cloud or offline
  • Enhanced Dashboards and Reporting
    • Enhanced Enterprise Management Dashboards that now provide a centralized view of multiple connected operational sites, enabling quick and easy exporting of reports to share with business and operations stakeholders
    • Dozens of user-configurable widgets that highlight common and most severe vulnerabilities, common policies and common plugin families
    • Upgraded UI experience with the option of dark mode for comfortable viewing in low light environments

Details on Tenable OT Security can be found here.