Tehama Extends Secure Hybrid/Remote Data Access via MS Startups Pegasus Program

Tehama Technologies – which offers an all-in-one cybersecurity platform for delivering secure access to data and applications by hybrid and remote workers – was accepted into Microsoft’s Startups Pegasus Program.

As a participant in this invite-only program, Tehama’s disruptive cybersecurity platform can be combined with Microsoft cloud-delivered solutions to provide flexible, comprehensive, end-to-end, policy-based data protection and application security for hybrid and remote-work environments. Through the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, Tehama can also collaborate more closely with industry experts, engaging with Microsoft sales teams and partners to accelerate its global go-to-market expansion.

“No other solution provides a comprehensive platform for securely connecting hybrid and remote workers to mission-critical and data-sensitive systems with the security, flexibility and automation that Tehama offers,” said Mick Miralis, CRO, Tehama. “With the resources we have access to through the Pegasus program, Tehama will be able to accelerate the development of our platform and reach more businesses worldwide by extending our unique offering to Microsoft customers globally. Our partnership with Microsoft and participation in the prestigious Pegasus program is a critical part of our global go-to-market strategy. Our disruptive approach and vision for delivering innovative, end-to-end security combined with Microsoft’s cloud and AI solutions is an absolute game changer.”

To learn more about the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, visit here. For information on becoming a Tehama Advantage Partner, click here.