Syxsense, VLCM Deliver Endpoint Security, Management Solutions

Syxsense, a leader in unified security and endpoint management (USEM) solutions, announced a partnership with VLCM, an IT solutions and services provider focused on meeting customer needs for cybersecurity, networking, cloud, big data and more.

VLCM is one of Syxsense’s platinum channel partners and offers Syxsense Manage, Syxsense Secure, and Syxsense Enterprise for customers looking to unify security and endpoint management.

Jose Rangel, Vice President of Global Channels at Syxsense, said, “As organizations look to consolidate their security tech stack and better manage the endpoint vulnerability gap, it’s never been more important to have unified solutions that deliver complete visibility, real-time endpoint data, and automated workflows and remediations. VLCM’s ability to help guide customers through their cybersecurity journey – and tailor offerings to meet and exceed their business goals – is a win-win for all involved.”

Syxsense will help VLCM customers address the three key elements of endpoint security – patching, vulnerabilities and compliance. Syxsense solutions offer complete endpoint visibility with comprehensive scanning to detect OS patch and security weaknesses, and the ability to see desktop, laptop, servers, mobile, and IoT devices, in a single console.

With live connections to corporate assets, VLCM customers can use real-time data to make more accurate decisions and act against vulnerabilities and threats.

And with Syxsense’s no-code drag-and-drop workflow builder (Syxsense Cortex), teams can automate and accelerate endpoint monitoring, alerting and remediation.

“As the cybersecurity landscape continues to get more complex, organizations are looking for trusted partners that can help them overcome challenges and better secure their networks. At VLCM we have a team of expert security architects that work with leading vendors like Syxsense to help alleviate that stress,” said Phillip Tarver, national sales manager at VLCM. “But with Syxsense, it’s not only about the partner program and attractive growth opportunities. It’s also about the people and the support they provide partners to help them achieve mutual success.”

Syxsense also supports VLCM through training and community support.

To learn more about the Syxsense Partner Program, click here.