Plaito’s AI Education Platform to Reach 1m Downloads

Plaito, an AI-powered learning platform, announced it is set to have 1 million students using the platform by June 20.

Achieving unprecedented growth since launch, the platform has seen the number of individuals using the platform grow by 12 percent daily. Gaining traction within a global market of 1 billion students, Plaito is used on six continents.

Plaito addresses challenges and inequalities within the existing education system. The benefits of private tutoring are recognized, personalized support can propel students from the 50th to the 98th percentile – using AI technology, the Plaito app dissolves the financial barriers to entry that impact student success in their academic and future careers.

In a climate where teachers face budget cuts and the student numbers per classroom grows, the platform enables individual students to reach their potential. Through its comprehensive product suite, covering a variety of subjects including math, sciences, English, business and law, students can benefit from one-on-one tutoring, providing a deeper understanding of subjects, confidence in their ability, clarity, and overall empowerment.

John Figueiredo, founder of Plaito said, “Reflecting on my own education experience, at its core, I want Plaito to give any individual, whether that’s a kid like myself from a small rural town in Northern California struggling with math equations or a secondary school student in Mumbai working through an engineering degree, the same level of personalized support that is often only realized in elite institutions that come with a considerable price tag.

“We’re committed to leveling the playing field globally for the next generation of students, utilizing the limitless power of AI to provide exceptional support to both students and their teachers who ultimately want to set the next generation up for success in life,” he added.

Plaito’s features include:

  • The ‘Explain’ features are powered by advanced computer technology using algorithms and machine learning, gives students personalized prompts and suggestions to move them forward as they write, debate, and collaborate in new ways
  • The ‘Freestyle’ features are productivity tools designed to help students ask questions, get essay assistance, summarize large documents, and transcribe class lessons and recordings to help understand key concepts quickly and increase comprehension
  • ‘The Homework Helper’ is a supportive tool with an AI Tutor that guides students through their assignments but also adapts to their learning styles over time

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