Study: Nearly One-third of All Corporate Computers Prone to Malware

Thirty-two percent of computers used by industry professionals at work don’t have antivirus software, a new study by NordLocker, an encrypted cloud service provider, reveals. The alarming finding means one in three corporate computers is susceptible to malware that could paralyze the entire network of any company.

“Even though antivirus isn’t a one-stop solution for business cybersecurity, it’s a basic one that’s been available for many years and is now highly advanced,” said Oliver Noble, a cybersecurity expert at NordLocker. “Antivirus should be the foundation of your company’s security. It can protect all your data stored on corporate devices and, as a result, save you a fortune in the case of a cyberattack.”

Without antivirus software, your computer system is open to various threats that circulate on the internet. Malware can slip into your device by an employee visiting dodgy websites, clicking on malicious links, downloading email attachments or illegal software and games, and using an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Antivirus helps a computer identify harmful websites and malicious files as well as other cyber threats if they are attacking your systems in real time, such as ransomware or spyware. Without antivirus, a computer is vulnerable to infection. Once infected, it poses a risk to other devices connected to the same network.

“The problem is that in many cases you may not know that your device caught a virus. It can take a while for you to notice or for it to start doing its job, which is to spread the virus, spy on you, collect your personal data, or access confidential corporate information,” Noble explained. “In the worst-case scenario, your company gets hit by ransomware, which may take just one reckless click. As a result, your business may come to a standstill. Financial loss and damage to your reputation could follow.”

It’s not enough to buy antivirus software, enable it on your computer, and forget about it for a year once the time comes to renew the subscription. For it to do its work properly, an antivirus needs to be maintained periodically by either the user or a company’s IT department.

Here are tips Nordlocker provides:

  • Buy a reputable antivirus from a trustworthy provider. It’s also a good idea to go for subscription-based software.
  • Pay attention to update pop-ups. It’s necessary to keep antivirus up to date so it runs using the latest patches and can protect your system from new-to-the-market viruses. Updates should be made regularly.
  • Consider a managed antivirus solution. A third-party installs antivirus on managed devices – your company’s computers – and makes sure the software is configured and running properly. The third-party schedules scans for a convenient time for employees and ensures updates are applied automatically without user intervention.

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