LinkAmerica Solves Hardware Nightmares with Benefits of HaaS

If you don’t need to own the hardware, why would you? Having hardware requires maintenance, worries over downtime, costly repairs or replacing equipment.

Out-dated IT infrastructure can affect your business negatively because of performance issues and troubleshooting concerns. Owning your own hardware also can be costly, as you need to keep your eye on updating the hardware with new and advanced technologies.

The cost to your business caused by problems that may arise from faulty systems and poorly functioning computer hardware can add up quickly. And if productivity is down or slowed because of poor performing equipment the cost won’t be just financial, it could include a blow to your company’s reputation. And working with outdated IT hardware means exposing your business to all sorts of security risks every day.

Business owners must review their hardware infrastructure on a constant basis to keep track of what may have become obsolete or a liability. Replacing the equipment either can be costly and take years to pay off or other parts of the business may suffer as your budget becomes too focused on IT equipment replacement.

All of the above reasons is why Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is becoming more popular. HaaS can help businesses avoid the kinds of problems listed, as the HaaS model provides solutions for businesses that lack IT staff or budget to maintain the IT infrastructure.

HaaS is another iteration of the growing popularity of the “as a service” model. The client pays a monthly fee to use hardware that belongs to an MSP, such as LinkAmerica, which guarantees specific terms of the arrangement through a service level agreement that covers the scope of work, the responsibilities of each party, and time standards for each service.

Implementing a HaaS model transfers the responsibility of keeping up with the IT infrastructure to the MSP. That means any upgrades, monitoring, maintenance, installation and accompanying software is no longer up to you; the MSP accepts these responsibilities through your agreement with it.

Timing to consider HaaS could not be better, as the Software as a Service (SaaS) model has grown in popularity and has become nearly ubiquitous. Businesses are more accustomed to paying a monthly fee for technology, rather than owning it. The as-a-service model eliminates large, upfront investments, as well as unexpected repair costs, and replaces them with budget-friendly and predictable monthly fees – which is great for budgeting purposes.

The great thing about HaaS model is it allows you to be a cautious spender without depriving your business of any hardware technology that it requires to function. With HaaS you obtain and use IT hardware on lease. Depending on your agreement with your MSP, the IT hardware you need will be installed, maintained, and upgraded as needed under your plan. The monthly payments are predictable expenses.

Generally, HaaS will require an upfront investment, but planning for the term of the contract and if HaaS is priced correctly, it will pay off the equipment and result in recurring revenue. Bundling HaaS with SaaS offerings and managed services can increase recurring revenue even more.

The cost savings in a HaaS model begins with a reduction of capital expenditures for the hardware. Plus, because the hardware is being provided by a third-party vendor, your tax liability decreases, because it is a service that becomes a tax-deductible business expense.

HaaS does give the MSP more control over your IT environment, enabling it to standardize hardware, making it easier to maintain and service. With HaaS, you do not have to keep outdated technology running is responsible for improving, renovating and replacing when needed.

As your business grows and needs change, LinkAmerica can integrate new components to the HaaS as needed to keep up with your needs.

HaaS is a growing trend that focuses on the needs of a competitive business environment where performance and efficiency are the major highlights. Besides saving businesses from heavy capital burdens, it saves time and effort in realizing the organization’s objectives.

With HaaS, businesses can accommodate the client’s needs by staying relevant with the latest technologies in providing their services.

If you’re trying to make things running your business easier, less stressful and more cost predictable, then implementing HaaS is the logical path to follow.

For more information about LinkAmerica’s Hardware as a Service offering, visit here.

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