Splashtop, Pax8 Partner to Deliver Remote Access, Support to MSPs

Pax8, a cloud commerce marketplace, announces the global availability of its operations vendor, Splashtop, through the Pax8 Marketplace. Splashtop’s cost-effective and powerful remote access, support, and endpoint monitoring and management solutions empower managed service providers (MSPs) to streamline efficiencies and responsiveness for any client, device, application or location.

In addition, MSPs can create revenue streams by reselling remote work solutions to clients.

“Pax8 and Splashtop’s partnership represents a synergy of innovation and excellence, where top-notch technology meets unparalleled customer service to deliver an exceptional user experience and provide secure, scalable and reliable solutions for our partners and their customers,” said Nikki Meyer, CVP ofVendor Alliances at Pax8.

More than 30 million users, including those in 85 percent of Fortune 500 enterprises, have leveraged Splashtop products globally since 2006. The company’s productivity tools and features make day-to-day tasks easier when it comes to achieving high productivity while working from anywhere.

Highlights of Splashtop’s offerings include:

  • Revenue driver – Splashtop’s versatile, affordable, and customizable solutions for hybrid and remote work provide a valuable resell opportunity and new revenue stream for MSPs.
  • One solution, many uses – Splashtop provides everything MSPs need to manage and monitor endpoints, including custom alerts, Windows updates, remote command, system inventory, event logs, 1-to-many and more.
  • On-demand capabilities – On-demand service desk features enable IT support for employees and attended devices anywhere, without any prior installation.
  • Easy setup and migration – MSPs can migrate to Splashtop or deploy the technology to unattended endpoints in minutes.
  • IT ecosystem integrations – Splashtop offers seamless integrations with popular platforms used by MSPs, including Datto, Autotask, Bitdefender, Atera, NinjaRMM, Naverisk, ServiceNow, Jira, Avanti and more.
  • Security and compliance – Splashtop’s secure infrastructure, intrusion prevention and multiple security features keep data safe. Splashtop supports integration with single sign-on (SSO), is SOC 2 compliant and supports several industry regulations and standards, including HIPAA.

To learn more about Pax8 and Splashtop, visit www.pax8.com.