Exits Stealth Mode to Fix Remote Work Challenges, built for IT leaders that want a great experience for their remote workers while enhancing security and observability, announced it raised $6 million in seed capital, co-led by The Hive and WestWave Capital.

Emerging last week from stealth mode, sits at the intersection of these trends. Its industry-first, air-gapped solution simplifies IT operations and streamlines remote workforce management while reducing costs by up to 10 times compared to traditional solutions. safeguards applications and servers with zero-trust access control using no-code policies and a user-friendly admin console that reduces the demand for costly IT expertise.

With the funding, Sonet plans to accelerate customer acquisition and continue to invest in the SaaS platform to provide a seamless user experience, protect applications, servers and data, and provide visibility into remote workforce activities.

“Our mission is to transform the remote work landscape by tackling its distinct challenges head-on,” said co-founder and CEO Dharmendra Mohan. “We are committed to enhancing remote worker productivity through a seamless, secure user experience that can be accessed from any device. Our innovative cloud-based solution eliminates the need for device agents, allowing comprehensive observability for remote workforces via a unified dashboard.”

Mohan has more than 20 years of experience building cybersecurity solutions, having launched two global security cloud services at Symantec and holding leadership roles at Blue Coat, as it grew from a startup into a $4.5 billion security company.

He co-founded with another former Symantec executive, Venu Banda, who serves as’s CTO and brings decades of experience in architecting software solutions across various verticals.

The transition to remote work has created multiple obstacles for organizations. The distributed workforce requires secure access to applications, intellectual property and confidential data, all without affecting productivity or incurring excessive administrative costs.

Traditional methods, such as VDI servers, shipping secure devices or installing security agents, are complex, expensive and do not offer visibility into the activities of the remote workforce.’s cloud service allows businesses to control access to applications and servers, prevent sensitive data theft and monitor user activity from any device, with no agents or additional devices required.

Users use their preferred browser to access applications and servers from desktop and mobile devices. Its SOC-2 certified product protects against intellectual property theft, monitors remote workers’ activities to track productivity and maintains compliance with security policies.

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