ServiceNow, NVIDIA to Build Generative AI Across Enterprise IT

ServiceNow and NVIDIA are working together to develop enterprise-grade generative AI capabilities that can transform business processes with faster, more intelligent workflow automation.

Using NVIDIA software, services and accelerated infrastructure, ServiceNow is developing custom large language models trained on data specifically for its ServiceNow Platform, the intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation.

This will expand ServiceNow’s AI functionality with new uses for generative AI across the enterprise — including for IT departments, customer service teams, employees and developers — to strengthen workflow automation and increase productivity.

ServiceNow also is helping NVIDIA streamline its IT operations with these generative AI tools, using NVIDIA data to customize NVIDIA NeMo foundation models running on hybrid-cloud infrastructure consisting of NVIDIA DGX Cloud and on-premises NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD AI supercomputers.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA are exploring generative AI use cases to simplify and improve productivity across the enterprise by providing high accuracy and higher value in IT. This includes developing intelligent virtual assistants and agents to help resolve a range of user questions and support requests with purpose-built AI chatbots that use large language models and focus on defined IT tasks.

To simplify the user experience, enterprises can customize chatbots with proprietary data to create a central generative AI resource that stays on topic while resolving many different requests.

These generative AI use cases are applicable to customer service agents, allowing for case prioritization with greater accuracy, saving time and improving outcomes. Customer service teams can use generative AI for automatic issue resolution, knowledge-base article generation based on customer case summaries and chat summarization for faster hand-off, resolution and wrap-up.

In addition, generative AI can improve the employee experience by helping identify growth opportunities. For example, delivering customized learning and development recommendations, like courses and mentors, based on natural language queries and information from an employee’s profile.

In its generative AI research and development, ServiceNow is using NVIDIA AI Foundations cloud services and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which includes the NVIDIA NeMo framework.

Included in NeMo is prompt tuning, supervised fine-tuning and knowledge retrieval tools to help developers build, customize and deploy language models for enterprise use cases.

NeMo Guardrails software is included and enables developers to add topical, safety and security features for AI chatbots.