Sequoia Launches Total Rewards, People Policy Benchmarking

Sequoia, a pioneer in “Total People Investment,” launched Dataforest by Sequoia, an online resource for total rewards and people policy benchmarking to help HR leaders measure their people programs and practices against industry trends.

Dataforest provides a comprehensive set of timely employee experience data through interactive experiences, making it easier to discover and understand insights.

With the emergence of a hybrid workplace, creating and sustaining a more supportive, engaging, and productive work experience for employees has become harder to do. The demand for employers to evolve how they invest in their people requires deep understanding about their people-related data and how they compare in the employer landscape.

Dataforest total rewards and people policy data is compiled from Sequoia’s annual Employee Experience Benchmarking Report, topical survey responses from people-driven businesses and anonymized insights from the company’s proprietary database. Users of Dataforest have complimentary access to:

  • Top Trends – Track the latest trends as they unfold on how employers are managing compensation, workplace diversity, DEI, remote work, employee turnover, benefits, and more.
  • Findings – Explore a range of targeted insights on retirement, employee wellbeing, global mobility and special reports.
  • Surveys – Participate in topical surveys and share how your organization invests in its people.

“Business leaders need a way to quickly understand and stay ahead of workplace trends in this distributed work environment,” said Greg Golub, founder and CEO of Sequoia. “Dataforest is the community-driven instance of our people analytics and insights offering organizations with real-time data that can be used to inform people and business strategy.”

Dataforest is available now to the public at