Senet, Telli Health Launch Remote Patient Monitoring Product Line

Senet, a provider of cloud-based software and services platforms that enable global connectivity and on-demand network build-outs for the internet of things (IoT), and Telli Health, a leader in medical remote patient monitoring devices, have launched a remote patient monitoring (RPM) hardware powered by LoRaWAN.

The technology allows providers to reach more patients in remote and underserved areas ­ such as indigenous communities worldwide – boosting health care equity, inclusivity and creating the foundation to provide more smart home services in the future.

LoRaWAN is an open protocol on which low-power, wide-area wireless telecommunication networks are designed, allowing connected objects such as battery-operated sensors to communicate over long-range and at a low bitrate. LoRaWAN has advantages over Bluetooth in that patients can have a plug-and-play experience with their RPM devices without needing to pair them with anything.

Today, some patients rely on Bluetooth devices placed throughout their homes and despite having a Bluetooth hub, its protocol-limited range of 50 feet often causes lost connections and interrupted service. LoRaWAN, however, can transmit at a longer distance (between three and 10 miles depending on the environment), eliminating frustrations that are common in a Bluetooth or other wirelessly connected device experience.

Through this partnership, Telli Health will build its own private LoRaWAN network and use Senet’s managed network services to offer more in-home monitoring services with the goal of servicing all patients’ RPM needs – no matter the location.

For historically underserved communities, Telli Health can deploy a LoRaWAN gateway in central areas that will provide an estimated 10 miles of coverage range and only require a dial-up modem to transmit health readings to patients’ providers. In addition to dial-up, network backhaul can be delivered through wired ethernet, cellular or satellite communications.

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