Sectigo Partners with Infinite Ranges

Sectigo, a global provider of digital certificates and certificate lifecycle management solutions, announced its partnership with DevSecOps consulting firm Infinite Ranges to enhance its professional services offerings.

Based in Austin, Texas, Infinite Ranges is a provider of DevSecOps consulting services tied to public key infrastructure (PKI), encryption, and identity and access management. Through this partnership, Infinite Ranges will provide U.S. professional services for Sectigo.

“As enterprises continue the work-from-home trend with employees accessing networks from many locations and devices, there are significant, new cybersecurity challenges our customers are facing. At the heart of this issue is the need for automated Certificate Lifecycle Management solutions and digital identity security practices centered around strong authentication and encryption,” said Jason Soroko, chief technology officer of PKI at Sectigo.

“That’s where PKI plays a pivotal role,” Soroko continued. “PKI is a strong multi-factor authentication solution that can handle the proliferation of digital identities by consolidating and automating the deployment, discovery, management and renewal of digital certificates for every device and user across a network. The new partnership with Infinite Ranges will help Sectigo customers deploy and harness the full power of Sectigo’s cloud-based PKI Certificate Lifecycle Management system.”

The partnership will afford Sectigo customers access to an array of PKI experts, ranging from experienced industry professionals who can help strategize a successful deployment and ensure they receive the best ROI on their investment, to system administrators who can help with the day-to-day migration of digital certificates to Sectigo’s automated platform.

“This new partnership with Infinite Ranges will provide tremendous benefits to our customers using Sectigo’s Certificate Lifecycle Management platform,” said Manny Eguileor, senior solutions Architect at Sirius Computer Solutions Inc., a Sectigo partner. “IT leaders must put cybersecurity at the top of their lists in today’s remote work landscape, and it is key to have valuable partnerships like this to help customers maximize their online security investments.”

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