FlexIP Launches Flex Networking to Keep Businesses’ Apps Connected

FlexIP Solutions, a provider of custom managed communications solutions for businesses, has launched Flex Networking, a managed service that enables always-on internet for businesses.

Flex Networking leverages low-cost broadband internet to improve the performance and reliability of connections to critical cloud applications, such as unified communications, video conferencing, web meetings, virtual desktops, software as a service and more.

“Businesses of all sizes are increasingly reliant on network connections to access their critical data and applications,” said Jeff Ross, convergence specialist at FlexIP Solutions. “In the past, the only way to get secure and stable connections was to deploy expensive private lines. With Flex Networking, businesses can use widely available and low-cost connections to get always-on Internet with the performance and reliability they need.”

Flex Networking leverages software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) technology and a distributed architecture to manage traffic in real time across multiple broadband connections, including fiber, cable, DSL or wireless.

Unlike other SD-WAN solutions, Flex Networking uses routers deployed at the customer’s premises and deploys dedicated gateways into major Internet peering hubs:  the key to enabling end-to-end visibility and control over increasing traffic to the cloud.

Additionally, there’s no need to replace or disable an existing firewall, ensuring that customers’ preferred security practices stay intact.

“We monitor our customers’ Flex Networking routers and circuits 24/7 to ensure uptime,” said Ross. “And, if something ever goes wrong, we have their backs with router replacement and one-call resolution.”

Flex Networking is available as a subscription-based service. For information, visit http://www.flexipsolutions.com/flex-networking.