Sage People Empowers Organizations to Enhance Wellbeing Programs

Sage, a market leader in cloud business management solutions, announced the launch of Sage People U.S. Benefits. This complete benefits administration solution can reduce HR effort, increase accuracy, and identify cost saving opportunities to maximize return on investment.

The offering in Sage People is delivered through a partnership and integration with PlanSource, a leader in cloud-based U.S. benefits.

Sage People U.S. Benefits enables mid-size organizations to manage their wellbeing program by automating their end-to-end benefits administration – from annual enrollment and monthly billing to seamless integration with benefits carriers, payroll, and other third parties. Offering personalized and guided experiences, employees are armed with the knowledge and support to make informed decisions. This maximizes value for them, while improving wellness, engagement, and performance for the business.

In addition, the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many people view and perceive the importance of health and wellbeing. Employers must look beyond apps and programs, and more towards incorporating it into their overall ethos, values and culture. One critical component of a successful wellbeing strategy lies in the benefits offering and experience a company provides its employees. It’s one of the first things candidates consider when assessing a company and consequently, plays a key role in attracting and retaining quality talent.

Benefits administration has become a cornerstone of a successful employee experience and engagement strategy, which is foundational to the Sage People value proposition and differentiation. Sage People U.S. Benefits delivers immediate value to customers across several key areas, including:

  • Personalize Experiences – Provide employees with a tailored, guided benefits experience including the tools and resources needed to understand and maximize their benefits plans
  • Control Costs – Gain maximum value from a benefits program for the business and their employees, while making it easier to identify areas for improvement and ways to reduce costs
  • Automate Administration – Eliminate lengthy manual processes, tackle complex benefits plans, and reduce costs and effort with integrated end-to-end benefits automation
  • Connect and Sync Data – Increase accuracy and productivity by ensuring all employee systems and data are in sync, including carrier, payroll, and other integrations
  • Simplify Billing and Reporting – Spend less time preparing and reconciling bills with automation, and gain visibility with comprehensive reporting and actionable insights

Sage People is dedicated to giving customers the best experience possible for benefits communications, shopping, enrollment, billing, compliance, and ongoing administration.

Sage People U.S. Benefits is available for new customers, as well as via an early adopter program for existing customers. Learn more about Sage People and the new offering at