HackerRank Reaches 100% Annual Bookings Growth

HackerRank, a developer skills company, announced record company momentum with 100 percent growth in bookings and a 123 percent increase in gross customer retention during the past year.

The number of developers using the company’s platform to practice their skills and interview for jobs grew to 15 million, which is approximately 40 percent of the world’s developer population.

A massive surge in demand for tech talent and the worldwide shift to remote work and interviewing during COVID-19 drove the acceleration for HackerRank, along with a widespread adoption of technical assessments across industries. Since the beginning of 2021, on average, two developers take a HackerRank assessment every second.

As the global economy goes digital, companies across industries – including financial services, technology, retail, travel and more – are turning to HackerRank to find and hire skilled technical talent all over the world.

Since Q2 2020, HackerRank has:

  • Expanded its customer base by 25 percent to 2,500 global companies. To ensure exceptional customer experiences, HackerRank brought on former Beamery and Namely executive Debra Squyres as its chief customer officer.
  • Grew tech sector business by 53 percent. As investments in the tech sector grow rapidly for businesses around the globe, the adoption of skills-based assessments has equally surged as organizations face dramatic, growing need for top tech talent.
  • Increased gross customer retention by 123 percent. Companies including Twilio, Cognizant and Macquarie rely on HackerRank to recruit the best tech talent for their teams in the new remote world.
  • Experienced a 126 percent global increase in remote interviews conducted on its platform, by delivering continuous enhancements to make remote interviews more consistent, efficient and reflective of the best parts of in-person interviews.
  • Expanded the HackerRank Skills Directory to include more than 2,500 assessments. Companies can assess skills for 22 in-demand developer roles and 88 corresponding skills.

HackerRank is poised for continued growth as companies are embracing remote interviews as a permanent practice, and nearly half of the global workforce is expected to work from home part time by 2022.

Moreover, demand for tech talent continues to increase and more than 40 percent of workers are considering changing jobs this year. To stay competitive, companies need a way to identify, screen, interview and hire top tech talent quickly while maintaining exceptional candidate experiences.