Randstad: Talent Attraction, Retention Still Depend on Employer Offerings

Randstad USA introduced its 2024 Workmonitor report, which is designed to gauge the pulse of the U.S. workforce and highlight the key trends that shape employee expectations. In particular, this year’s version uncovered new data regarding workforce dynamics, with a focus on the preferences and expectations across different generations in the workplace.

“Attracting and retaining talent is always a top priority for businesses, but it’s even more critical in today’s competitive labor market,” said Randstad Chief Commercial Officer, Greg Dyer. “Our Workmonitor report showcases the unique perspectives of the workforce, allowing organizations to get a glimpse of what’s top of mind of their employees.”

Of note, the report indicated that:

  • Employees in the U.S. increasingly prefer returning to the office despite 23 percent of Gen Z and 19 percent of Millennial staff working from home more to avoid commuting costs. Younger workers (21 percent Gen Z, 23 percent Millennials and 23 percent Gen X) want to return at least five days, while Boomers (27 percent) prefer remote work.
  • Approximately 29 percent of U.S. Gen Z and 40 percent of Millennials would consider quitting if their employer asked them to spend more time in the office, compared to older Americans (48 percent Gen Z and 53 percent Boomers), who were more likely to disagree.
  • 42 percent of Gen X and 38 percent of Boomers agree they would quit a job if it prevented them from enjoying their life, while 57 percent of Gen Z employees would quit if it prevented that aspect.

“These trends showcase the continued shift in employees’ perspectives on the role of work in their lives and their expectations from organizations,” said Dyer. “As the market evolves, organizations must adjust their strategies to remain competitive.”

The global Randstad Workmonitor 2024 survey surveyed more than 27,000 workers, aged 18-67 across 34 different markets. For more detailed findings and additional trends, visit here.