RabbitRun Announces DDoS Mitigation Solution for SIP Service Providers

RabbitRun Technologies, a provider of SOHO SD-WAN solutions, announced it will enhance its product line to offer cloud voice providers protection from the growing threat of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Ransomware actors target voice service providers by disrupting end users’ ability to make and receive SIP (Session Initialization Protocol) phone calls with a flood of concentrated traffic to the provider’s SIP infrastructure.

Telecommunications service providers that offer UCaaS, CCaaS and SIP trunking solutions from the cloud are susceptible to DDoS attacks because SIP session border controllers and proxies typically are unprotected at the network edge. When these network components become the vector for a DDoS attack, all end customers that connect to them can be left without service.

The danger posed by this threat was highlighted when two of the largest providers of SIP telephone numbers came under attack, leaving hundreds of thousands of businesses unreachable. With the frequency and magnitude of DDoS attacks increasing, the threat of a service disruption to every cloud voice provider is greater than ever.

“The same technology that we use to optimize uptime for business-critical applications at the customer premise can be used by SIP service providers to help ensure that their customers are always able to reach their networks,” said RabbitRun CEO Eric Hernaez. “With RabbitRun’s DDoS mitigation solution, consisting of an SD-WAN Controller installed at the service provider’s data center and a low-cost SDWAN Edge device installed at the customer premise, RabbitRun customers will be able to provide end users with a means of accessing its resources unimpeded.”

RabbitRun Founder & CTO Pat Saavedra (pictured) added, “The solution is to mitigate the attack surface in two ways. First, by allowing only authorized and encrypted sessions to reach the provider’s SIP infrastructure, the number of spurious sessions will greatly decrease. Second, in cases where the volume of DDoS traffic renders an interface or network connection unreachable due to bandwidth saturation, traffic will be seamlessly moved to another controller using RabbitRun’s proprietary floating overlay technology.”

The company expects the DDoS mitigation solution to be available as a feature add-on during the fourth quarter.