Quest Software Enhances KACE Cloud, Introduces App Patching

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, announced the general availability of a reimagined KACE Cloud platform to transform endpoint management with automated patching for all devices in the cloud.

This pioneering capability offers businesses an all-in-one solution for morethan 10,000 patches, extended to 350 third-party applications, including Cisco, Google Chrome and Slack. The KACE Cloud platform eliminates infrastructure challenges, saves time and maximizes organizations’ resources with automated cloud patching on every device.

Its features help businesses improve their IT security and resilience by expanding their ability to patch beyond operating systems and limited applications and prevent defective patching, to protect their entire IT organization against cyber events.

“IT departments are feeling the burden of endless patching and the pressure to incorporate automated solutions. However, they typically have to cobble together multiple solutions to handle their endpoints, resulting in double the manual maintenance and management actually required and obscuring visibility into what’s been accomplished,” said Jody Evans, senior product manager at Quest Software. “Now, enterprises of all sizes have the option to patch all of their endpoints with one solution at an affordable price, eliminating the guesswork in protecting themselves against threat actors.”

KACE Cloud key features include:

  • The ability to patch endpoints with tested operating system, Microsoft and third-party application patches from the cloud, while avoiding performance disruptions
  • The dynamic enforcement of endpoint security policies when administering apps, location rules, Windows custom profiles and security standards
  • The simplification of onboarding with seamless enrollment and preconfigured user settings
  • The securing of devices with device locking, erase, password changes and location tracking
  • The offering of affordable, flexible plans, with tiers that support comprehensive endpoint management for enterprises of any size and scale with growt

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