IGEL Unveils Unified End-user Platform for Any Cloud Workspace

IGEL, provider of the managed endpoint operating system for secure access to any digital workspace, announced IGEL COSMOS. Unveiled at DISRUPT23 – The Ultimate Global EUC event in Munich, COSMOS is a unified, agile platform to manage and automate the delivery of digital workspaces, from any cloud.

Offering a modular architecture, granular endpoint control and end-user freedom, COSMOS enables organizations to garner the full power of today’s and future clouds with extensive control while powering great user experiences for hybrid work.

The most significant advancement with IGEL COSMOS is that, for the first time, IGEL separates the base IGEL OS from its validated and integrated applications and interfaces, while it adds an additional separate component in the form of value-added cloud services. Together, these three components comprise IGEL COSMOS. The modular architecture of “separate but equal” elements of endpoint operating system, management and control, and cloud services enables maximum IT flexibility in introducing or enhancing apps, desktops, services and any other form of cloud-delivered digital workspaces as the cloud continues to evolve.

Featuring extensive management and control powered by the IGEL UMS 12, the next generation of the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS), COSMOS enables the parallel use, management and control of endpoints running IGEL OS 11 and the IGEL OS 12 operating system. New cloud services, which are de-coupled from the OS, include the IGEL App Portal for use-case-specific software applications offered from IGEL software partners and available for seamless download and implementation.

Additional cloud services include the IGEL Onboarding Service, IGEL Insight Service, and other services and portals all designed to enhance effectiveness and user experiences for both IT professionals and end users.

“Today’s workspaces are hybrid. … While VDI and DaaS continue to provide organizations the safest way to deliver secure access to windows client-server applications, a transition to SaaS and web-based applications has already started. IT organizations need to make sure they can evolve at their optimal pace and at the same time, enable employees seamless, yet secure access to their cloud workspaces,” said Matthias Haas, CTO, IGEL. “The COSMOS platform has been designed for this new era of hybrid work. With a new modularized version of IGEL OS, a new version of our UMS management platform coupled with new cloud services that extend capabilities and enhance user experiences, COSMOS enables unmatched speed and flexibility to our customers across traditional and modern application delivery models, while still retaining security, management, and control across the entire endpoint estate.”

At the core of the IGEL COSMOS platform is the IGEL UMS 12, which offers a unified view across a heterogeneous mix of endpoints running either IGEL OS 11 or IGEL OS 12. This management and control console enables environments already benefitting from IGEL OS to migrate and leverage the immediate value of COSMOS without requiring an OS upgrade on all their existing devices.

Released with COSMOS is the IGEL OS 12 which is more lightweight and adaptable. Offering increased flexibility, speed, and agile integrations, IGEL OS 12 has been designed to support any form of cloud-delivered digital experience. It also supports a faster, more efficient delivery of features and applications tuned to specific use cases via the IGEL App Portal. Other key services tuned to IGEL OS 12 include fast user onboarding and deep insights into endpoint usage, security, status, and compliance of IGEL UMS-managed endpoints.

One of the most significant new cloud services adding additional value to COSMOS is the IGEL App Portal. The App Portal delivers a range of validated applications from IGEL’s vast IGEL Ready technology partner community designed for use on IGEL OS-powered devices.

Since the App Portal operates separately and independently from the IGEL OS endpoint operating system, it streamlines the process of application integration, introduction and qualification for IT teams since there is no longer any dependence on the classic, highly integrated software release process.

Available for download at no extra cost, these apps can be qualified and delivered as a feature-rich experience for users, while reducing the app qualification, implementation and update processes for IT. Applications include the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop client, VMware Horizon client, Citrix Workspace app, Chromium Browser, Zoom Media Plugins for VDI and many more. IGEL also offers an IGEL OS API (application programming interface) for software providers that want to validate their solution for availability using COSMOS and the IGEL App Portal.

COSMOS, IGEL UMS 12, and IGEL OS 12 will be available on April 1. Existing users of IGEL OS 11 will be able to engage IGEL UMS 12 via an easy migration to access COSMOS advancements for existing and new devices running IGEL OS 12 in the future. For more information visit igel.com/cosmos. To schedule a discovery meeting and get early access to GA code, visit igel.com/yes.