Prosimo Launches App-transit Giving Enterprises Autonomous Multi-cloud Networking

Prosimo, an application experience infrastructure company, has introduced App-transit for cloud environments that gives enterprises an autonomous cloud networking platform to enable a frictionless journey to multi-cloud.

With Prosimo, cloud architects and network engineers can cost-effectively, securely and rapidly expand to multiple regions and clouds while prioritizing network and application performance and meeting compliance needs.

The latest release of App-transit builds on our four core capabilities that simplify multi-cloud networking — transit, application performance, secure access and observability — and serves as a springboard to deliver autonomous multi-cloud networking.

“The AXI Platform’s initial focus was to deliver the outcomes that enterprises care about by combining networking, performance, security, observability, and cost-management into a single integrated infrastructure stack,” said Ramesh Prabagaran, co-founder and CEO at Prosimo. “The latest release takes this strategy much further to include Fastlane and Autonomous decision-making, all driven by high quality data. This enables our customers to accelerate their path towards fully achieving Autonomous Multi-Cloud Networking.”

With deepening relationships with Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure Cloud, and AWS Cloud, Prosimo is delivering new capabilities with App-transit to help enterprises accelerate a frictionless multi-cloud journey.

Features include:

  • Fastlane — dynamically optimizes performance for latency-sensitive and business-critical applications and lets teams deploy new edge points of presence (PoPs) and apply optimization techniques for specific applications in minutes.
  • Autonomous Transit — dynamically adapts to performance issues in your infrastructure and recommends infrastructure expansion, performance, or latency improvements, all driven through data.
  • Dynamic Compliance — automatically inserts additional measures for users based on dynamic & behavioral risk profiles to ensure industry-specific, local, and international compliance requirements are met.
  • Seamless connectivity for cloud native services — including AWS S3, RedShift, Azure blob, Google Bigquery, and more, providing scalable, secure, and repeatable connectivity between workloads and cloud services.

Prosimo is going to market with cloud service provider partners to offer deep product integration and shares a common vision to make it easy for enterprises to move to a cloud-native networking model. Prosimo recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud to help businesses modernize their cloud networking infrastructure and deliver faster, more secure application experience at the edge. As a result of the deepening and expanding relationships with Amazon and Microsoft, Prosimo AXI is also available through AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace, giving enterprises the opportunity to modernize their processes and deliver new experiences by leveraging cloud capabilities and harnessing the power of AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud and Google Cloud.

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