Dialpad Acquires Koopid

Dialpad Inc., a leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, announced its acquisition of Koopid, the premier AI-driven platform for an omnichannel customer experience (CX).

The addition of Koopid technology will bring comprehensive omnichannel support, including chat, messaging, self-service and social media, to Dialpad Contact Center.

Koopid will integrate with Dialpad Voice Intelligence (Vi) seamlessly to optimize CX through easy-to-use digital engagement and empower brands to differentiate with personalized customer service.

“The Age of the Customer has transitioned into The Experience Age where the customer, employee and end user experience is now the great differentiator. Experience is what  matters most and it needs to be mobile-friendly and remote-work functional to meet customers on their terms, and meet people where they work,” said Craig Walker, CEO, Dialpad. “The legacy on-premises providers, along with the first generation of cloud platforms, curb their customers’ ability to meet the rapidly changing needs of the modern consumer. Koopid digital engagement technology, as well as our recent acquisition of Kare Knowledgeware, will help Dialpad lead this industry from the front with innovative solutions for the complexities of tomorrow.”

The shift to personalized customer service has become the expectation of today’s discerning consumer. A tailored and informed support experience throughout the customer journey is now a significant differentiating factor for brands to leverage over traditional, tangible elements such as price or location. As impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to expand and evolve, digital engagements by customers are accelerating across all channels.

Too often the static technology platforms of legacy providers leave businesses and agents struggling to manage the volume fluctuations, especially from the new normal of a hybrid environment. With the acquisition of Koopid, Dialpad will offer a superior omnichannel experience enabling companies to improve digital engagement with customers and build brand loyalty.

The Koopid CX platform enables brands to deliver a modern, connected and personalized customer experience within and across all digital channels. Koopid technology simplifies customer-to-company engagement and offers a broad spectrum of channels, empowering the customer to initiate contact through any channel. The AI-powered conversational platform orchestrates conversations across all channels, maintains and monitors key details through the interaction, including intent and delivers a full contextualized view to the agent. The infusion of Koopid’s omnichannel technology with Dialpad AI will offer companies a 360-degree view of customer interactions and synchronize conversations across all channels to boost CX by eliminating account detail repetition by the customer.

“With the acquisition of Koopid, Dialpad continues to expand the capabilities of its contact center offering, aiming to offer the best CCaaS to pair with UCaaS,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, president and principal analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics. “Dialpad continues to show how its flexible, cloud-first architecture lends itself well to the incorporation of new technology quickly, either through acquisition or OEM, allowing their customers to realize benefits in weeks rather than months or even years.”


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